Frequently Asked Public Tour Questions

When are payments due?

Payments for single day tours are due at the time of reservation. Payments for multi day tours are due in full 6 weeks prior to the trip departure. Deposits to reserve seat(s) vary. Most are 25% of each seat sale. However some may be more based on event tickets, hotels, and meals included. Deposit amount is listed in tour information on each event. Payments may be made for deposit, and full balance due per seat on our website. If you'd like to make payment feel free to call the office. The final payment is still due 6 weeks prior to tour departure.

How many pieces of luggage can I bring?

We ask that all stored luggage be no more then 50 pounds. If your luggage is over weight there will be a fee per pound. You may also bring one small personal bag for overhead bins, and one purse/laptop bag that can sit on you rlap or under your seat.

Can we bring food and drinks?

Yes! We encourge passengers to bring snacks and beverages. We do kindly ask that you dispose of any garbage, and ask for help cleaning up spills if applicable. Excessive mess, damage or spills from passenger(s) may result in a damage fee. Alcohol is not allowed on coach for most public day tours. (Specific events will state when it is allowed.) No passengers under the age of 21 may consume alcoholic beverages onboard the coach. This is grounds from termination of passenger(s) purchased seat(s), and will be asked to diembark the coach and find alternate transportation arrangements at the passengers expense.

Can we smoke on board the coach?

No, smoking (of any kind) and including vaping is strictly prohibited onboard any commercial passenger vehicle, by federal law. Bus will make rest stops for passengers, usually after 4 hours of consecutive driving. You may use this time to smoke, or vape, while outside of the coach.

Can we use the restroom?

There are restrooms available on all of our coaches. We will make every effort possible to ensure they are available for passenger use. If the rest room needs attention at any time during the trip, safely let the coach operator, or tour operator know. There is an emergency button to notify the driver of an emergency, in the restroom while coach is in motion. We ask that you be kind to the other passengers onboard and only utilize the rest room. in case of emergency, again the coach operator will make rest stops.

What is an "On Your Own" trip?

This kind trip allows you to be the judge of what you do. There are no pre-planned activities. So you can do whatever you'd like, we will just make sure you get there, and home safely.

Do we "tip" the servers for a meal that was included?

Roller Coach will always provide at least a 15% - 20% gratuity to servers for pre-planned meals. If you feel the service was exceptional to you, feel free to "tip" them more.

Does the driver need a gratuity?

Gratuities are always appreciated. For great service, and a safe ride it is nice to be recognized. $3-$5 per person per day is the suggested amount. However you can provide any amount you'd like to the Coach Operator directly, anytime during the services.


Private Charter Policies & Terms

Frequently Asked Private Charter Questions

What are your Rates?

Rates do not come in a one size fits all package. To ensure each passenger "Travel's in Confidence" we plan based on the logistics of each groups needs. This includes loading and unloding times, stops made to and from each destination, bus safe routes, and rest breaks if needed for our coach operators.

What Media connectivity options do your Coaches feature?

All of our Coaches are equipped with media conncetivity, including Bluetooth, DVD, Televisions, and public address systems. Not all of our Vans have Bluetooth connections. Just make sure you ask if this is something you are looking for.

What are the charging options for electronics?

Each vehicle is equipped with charging plug-ins, or ports. Dont hesitate to ask the coach operator when onboard the coach where they are located.

Why cant the Coach Operator just drive around/ or the way we told them to go?

From time to time, passengers may be running early for their event. Our operators have specific designed routes that are approved for CDL vehicle transportation. This includes but is not limited to, railroad crossings, low overhangs, weight restricted roads and bridges, and small residential roads. Just driving around puts, the coach operator, passengers, other on the road drivers, at risk for an unnecessary accident. The Coach Operator is responsible to enusre the safe operation of the vehicle at all times, any passenger coercing or demanding the coach operator to make unsafe operations may be removed from the coach.

How many hours can we reserve a coach?

We comply with all Federal Motor Carrier Saftey Administration Rules & Requlations. Our Coach Operators are not allowed to drive more than 10 hours a day, and cannot be on duty for more than 15 hours total. Once an Operator has obtained a minimum of 8 hours off duty, they may continue with another 10 hours of total drive time. We currently have a (5) five hour minimum for all services, except airport transfers, and emergency services.

What is your Private Charter Cancellation Policy?

We understand that things sometimes things just dont work out how they were planned. We allow cancellations up to 30 days prior to services, all payments collected minus the initial charter deposit, expenses that are non-reimbursable (such as event tickets or hotel deposits), and service fees for electronic transactions will be refunded. Within the 30 days of services, payment for services is non-refundable, any payment not collected will still be owed.

Can you price match another company?

We always try to have reasonable and fair rates. In order to price match another company we will ask to see a copy of the quote from the company. Once we review all options we may be able to meet or beat the quote. Please be mindful if there are additional changes to your reservation, there may be additional charges for mileage, fuel, and personel, since they were not included in the original quote.

Can we have food & beverage onboard the coach?

We allow food & beverages onbard with a $250 Cash Cleaning Deposit. This is not an additional charge, however a way to ensure there is no excessive mess, damage, bodilyfuild clean up, or excessive spills onboard the coach during services. If any instance listed above has happened the Coach Operator will keep the Cash Cleaning Deposit at the end of services.



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